A journey in photos, video and audio of BABS medalist quartets from the 1970's to the present day.
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Jonathan (Class Distinction) & Stuart (Limited Company)  ... don't ask!  (c.1984)

Bob, Steve, Graham & Paul (c.1996)

Downtown Strollers - Bristol (Dick Knight on Tenor!) c.1982

Old Gold (Wearside) c.1982

High Fidelity (Mike, Tim, Mike) singing with Bill Thornton of the Dealer's Choice (c.1990)

here's a rare video ... it's a "Public Service Announcement" for BABS, featuring the Crawley Chordsmen chorus, but also a short intro by a quartet with Bob Walker & Brian Shorrocks (from the Fortunairs) and Graham Smith & Derek Barton (Regency Pride / Quartz Precision). Also love Bob's "announcement" about barbershop singing ("ladies sing Barbershop too !!" ) 

Steve Hall, John Wiggins & Graham Smith c.2000


Jon Conway, Mike Warner, Dale Kynaston, and John Ward c.2000

Bob Walker, Graham Smith, Allan Henderson c.2004

Derek, Andy Curd (Team Spirit), Graham, Neil Watkins (Team Spirit) and Andy Clarke c.1988


Here's a very early photo from 1975 of the "Hove Harmonizers" .... note several key quartet figures in the chorus at that time - front row right is Jonathan Hershman (lead of Class Distinction 1978) and also Jay Dearling (baritone of Class Distinction 1978) with dark hair, in the middle row centered between the directors. Middle row far left is a very young Derek Barton (Regency Pride 1981 and Quartz Precision 1989) and on his left is Paul Wren (Ringleaders 1974). Another interesting fact is the director, Dale Gaus, was from the Vocal Majority in Dallas TX! He was working in Brighton for a couple of years and returned in Oct 1976 to Dallas, singing with the VM until 2008.
In the late 70's and 80's there was an annual Barbershop camping weekend held in Hassocks on a farm owned by Tam Large's family. Here's a couple of photos - on the left spot Bob Walker, Dick Knight, Allan Henderson, Jonathan Hershman and Rod Butcher. Right is John Baker & Graham (hanging out by the camp fire) 
The Great Western Chorus spawned several notable quartets over the years .... the director Mike Charles was the lead of "Harmony Raisers" (and notably moved to Dallas TX to sing with the Vocal Majority for over 20 years). The other members of Harmony Raisers - Barry, Kevin and Pete are also in the front row here. You may also remember the comedy quartet "Short'n'Curliz" who hailed from the GWC and may be seen somewhere in this photo!
Barry Sims took over as director of the GWC from Mike Charles. Spot Dick Knight in the second row just right of center.
"The Berkshire Barbershoppers" (from Reading) are pictured here at the 1975 Brighton Convention, directed by Pete Powell.
The Barrytones 1976 Champions quartet were all members and are in this photo. Note also, John Wiggins and Gerry Holland in the front row.